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Raahi – Intensive Foot Healing Balm


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Raahi – The Best Your Feet Can Get !

Remember when we said that in order to get beautiful, soft and super-smooth feet, you need to first get rid of the cracks? Well, Raahi is going to do just that, and as you know, it’s going to do that FAST.

And as we have already seen, the feet, especially the heels, are amongst the driest parts of the body. This is due to loss of moisture – whether due to the dry air-conditioned air, or due to exposure to the sun, dirt and pollution.

Every single gorgeous pair of heels, sandals or chappals that exposes your feet to the elements – whether indoors or outdoors – adds to the overall dryness and rough skin that’s found on the feet.

This exposure not only cause the hard, dry and rough skin you hate so much – it also causes loss of elasticity in the skin – meaning you feet age much faster than the rest of your body, and the results are clearly visible, and continue to get worse as you age.

What’s more – hidden deep inside the cracks in your feet is years (yes, years) of dust particles, pollution, grime, and worst of all, a whole host of bacteria and fungus. In fact the feet are the most prone to bacterial and fungal infections as the above elements mix with sweat inside the cracks in your feet…

Now your options are usually limited to the following:

  1. Do nothing and let the cracks disappear, and hope that all of the pollutants, fungus and bacteria festering in your cracks behave themselves when the cracks are removed….
  2. Use a common petroleum jelly based moisturizer to help smoothen the feet and keep them soft.
  3. Use a medical cream that is specifically formulated to fight fungal and bacterial foot infections

Raahi herbs efficiently heal the cracks and hasten the healing process in In Feet.


Cow Ghee is one of the best agents for softening the skin on the feet, smoothening out wrinkles and giving the skin a wonderful, soft and smooth texture that is a pleasure to behold and feel.

Raahi also features Coconut, Wheatgerm and sesame oils, all of which have a long history of being excellent skin-care agents.

– a suitable benefit of coconut oil on feet and skin .
– Sesame oil reduces tan and works as an anti-aging agent.
– Wheatgerm oil is outstanding for reducing dullness, giving a glow to the skin and increasing softness.

Raahi also features a mix of Patchouli, Tea-Tree, Sweet-Basil, Geranium and Cinnamon-Leaf Essential Oils. These essential oils give Raahi it’s wonderful fragrance, help to relax the feet, relieve pain, help circulation and give the skin a sheen.

That’s without going into the massage benefits of Raahi, which help even the most tired users – who spend a lot of time on their feet – relax their muscles, unwind and ease the sore spots in the feet due to the nature of footwear or activity.

Simply put, Raahi is simply the best formulation for overall foot health, especially if you’re looking for the softest, smoothest and most gorgeous feet EVER!

Use Raahi and see a complete transformation in your feet 3X faster!

Star Ingredients of Raahi

Indian cow ghee, Sesamum indicum oil, Cocos nucifera oil, Wheat germ oil, Shorea robusta (Resin), Bee wax. Processed with Decoctions of Azadirachta indica (st.bk.), Tinospora cordifolia (st.), Adhatoda vasica (rt.), Trichosanthes dioica (pl.), Solanum xanthocarpum (pl.), Cyclea peltata (Rt.Tr.), Embelia ribes (Fr.), Cedrus deodara (Ht.Wd.), Scindapsus officinalis (Fr.), Zingiber officinalis (Rz.), Curcuma longa (Rz.), Anethum sowa (Fr.), Piper chaba (Fr.), Saussurea lappa (Rt.), Celastrus paniculatus (Sd.), Piper nigrum (Fr.), Holorrhena antidysenterica (St.Bk.), Trachyspermum ammi (Fr.), Plumbago zeylanica (Rt.Tr.) (purified), Picorhiza kurrao (rz.), Semecarpus anacardium (Sd.) (purified), Acorus calamus (Rz.), Piper longum (Rt.), Alpinia galanga (Rt./Lf.), Rubia cordifolia (Rt.), Aconitum heterophyllum (Rt.Tr.), Ipomoea turpethum (Rt.), Hyoscyamus niger (Fr.) (purified), Commiphora wightii (O.R.) (purified) and paste of Myristica fragrans (Lf.), Azadirachta indica (Lf.), Trichosanthes cucumerina (Lf.), Picrorhiza kurrao (Rz./Rt.), Coscinium fenestratum (St.), Curcuma longa (rz.), Hemidesmus indicus (rt.), Rubia cordifolia (Rt.), Terminalia chebula (p.), Copper sulphate (purified), Madhuca longifolia (Rt.), Pongamia pinnata (Sd.), Patchouli oil, Tea tree oil, Oregano oil, Sweet basil oil, Geranium oil, Cinnamon leaf oil.

Using Raahi Intensive Foot Healing Balm

This balm has special Ayurvedic formula that works towards healing and soothing. This 100 % Natural Foot healing balm is made with pure Indian cow ghee and other organic cold pressed oils, processed with 41 potent herbs.It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and healing properties.

How To Use

  • Step 1– At night, apply sufficient quantity of balm to clean feet from toes to ankles.
  • Step 2– Massage and leave overnight.
  • Step 3– Reapply lightly after every time feet is washed.

Don’t Take My Word For It – Here’s What Our Customers Say.:)

“This is the best foot cream i have come across. I have looked out for many products for my mom but only this gave the desired results in just 3-4 days.”

– Nitu, 26

“Immediate softening and healing effect on the feet…Smells kind of ointment-y, but really good results on dry skin and even small cuts.Five stars! ”

– Antika Parmanick, 28

“Been using this product for nearly a week. It works immediately upon contact. Sooths my skin on my foot heals the cracked, chapped knuckles and is light in texture. I will be ordering this product again for certain. The smell is not sweet, but it is not off-putting. I recommend. ”

– Aayushi, 27

“Thanks to Raahi..It brought my confidence back in mez!! Am a software engineer and stay in AC environment most of the day. I wear formal shoes to office and I used to neglect my feet a lot, I hardly used to wash my socks because of which I got some fungal infection. I started getting white patches, skin became very rough and sensitive and above all there was bad foul smell. I couldn’t wear open sandals and even with shoes I started smelling bad. I stopped going to office. I used many foot creams but of no use. I read about Raahi online and bought it 2 weeks back. It work wonders and most of my problem is gone.!!! Thanks to Royal Indulgence.!!”

– Karan Jai.25

“Very unique and effective product I came across for Foot care. I have been looking for something 100% natural as most of the foot creams available in the market are full of chemicals and cancer causing ingredients. I got to know about Raahi thru a friend. And I must say this. This is the Best.!! Its smells great and it takes away all the stress from ur feet on massaging. Its like getting a foot massage from a spa.!! Very Relaxing and Nourishing. ”

– Naveena, 33

“Amazing product for Moisturing and Nourishing feet.!! Best foot Balm I came across. Am a home maker and I have extremely dry feel, and due to my excess weight I have very severe heel cracks and itching as I often scratch my feet coz of dryness. All foot creams failed. I apply any cream and within an hour, I get dryness back. Started using Raahi from 5 days and there is no dryness now. My feet feel well nourished and after long long time, skin feels smooth and better. No itching now. Cracks reduced.!! Waiting for them to get healed completely. Will definitely recommend this product to all my friends.”

-Arthi Agrawal, 24

About The Creator Of Raahi Intensive Foot Healing Balm

Royal Indulgence Raahi Intensive Foot Healing Balm of Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Manjusha Manneri.

After the record-breaking sales of her products Lodhradi, Kumkumadi and Keshvi, Dr Manjusha started receiving requests from a wide assortment of people to create a complete Foot Care Solution for not just healing cracks but also to tackle all the problems pertaining to Feet, Natural way.

The Ayurveda behind foot healing, Dr Manjusha created Raahi Intensive Foot Healing Balm. Since its launch in January 2017, this 100% Raahi Intensive Foot Healing Balm product has been a runaway success and is now trusted by thousands of young Indians like you.




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