Anaha Pain Balm for Neck & Shoulder


Anaha Pain Balm for Neck & Shoulder


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Stop Frequent Neck Pain And Strengthen Damaged Neck Muscles With A Kerala Ayurvedic Healing Secret.

Introducing Anaha, an Ayurvedic neck and shoulder ache balm that uses more than 54 healing herbs and oils to create a neck strengthening remedy so powerful it’s unparalleled in modern medicine.

While Alopathy only provides a way to control pain, Ayurveda designed a system of healing mechanisms designed to counter the underlying cause of neck pain- severely deteriorated neck muscles.

On continued usage of Anaha , you will not only experience immediate pain relief, but also notice:

  • Steady decrease in the frequency of neck pain
  • Drastic reduction of neck pain during the day or at the end of the day
  • Significantly reduced discomfort during activities that involve neck muscle strain
  • Drastic reduction in referred pain- shoulder pain
  • Reduced frequency of knots between shoulder blades due to neck pain
  • Significant reduction in pain going down a single arm
  • Significant reduction in headaches caused due to neck pain
  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety
  • Reduced stress and irritability

Anaha is a complex and brilliant remedy that addresses the one most important factor for strengthening of neck muscles- blood circulation.

How To Use Anaha The Right Way- The Massage Technique That Can Give You A Pain Free Life!.

For absorption of the medicine into the skin, Abhyanga is recommended. Abhyanga refers to the practice of massaging warm oil (in this case the balm )into the skin. The preferred duration of Abhyanga is 15 minutes.

After the massage, apply a hot towel (towel dipped in hot towel with excess water squeezed out) or take a hot water shower for maximum absorption. Sesame oil is the only oil that has the power to penetrate all seven layers of the skin, deep into the body’s organs and tissues, ultimately strengthening the bones.

For Abhyanga with Anaha, first warm your hands and fingers by slowly rubbing them together. Use the balm straight from the container little at first and apply to the upper neck muscles, lower muscles down to the shoulder.

To massage-

Step 1-Rub in small circular strokes applying medium to strong pressure on the sides of the spine for absorption. Do NOT apply excessive pressure on the spine, only gentle strokes are recommended.

Step 2 – Rub in straight strokes upward, from the base of the neck to the upper neck where the skull connects to the spine. Massage with even pressure in steady strokes away from the heart.

Step 3 –Apply a hot towel or take a warm shower post massage.

54 Ayurvedic Ingredients

54 Ayurvedic Ingredients Work To Increase 10X More Blood Circulation To The Neck Muscles For Fast Repair Of Muscle Wear And Tear.

By increasing blood circulation to the cervical spine Anaha helps ease out the discs in the neck that tend to contract and pinch the sensitive network of nerves around the spine. Furthermore, it helps release constricted blood vessels allowing more oxygen supply to the muscles ensuring fast repair. With increased blood supply, the body’s natural healing mechanism slowly brings neck muscles back to form stronger- hence, building a stronger immunity for physical stress and strain

You may have heard stories of healing from Ayurvedic massage therapies that solved problems many other systems of medicine failed to deliver. While Ayurvedic therapies are wonderful, they are not always accessible and convenient. Especially when you’re at work, in the middle of the day experiencing intense pain.


Fortunately, Anaha bottles Ayurvedic therapy, making it an easy and portable solution for those who experience pain every day.

One jar of Anaha is nothing but a wholesome Ayurvedic treatment in itself; giving you the opportunity of witnessing Ayurvedic healing no matter what time it is or where you are located!

Revolution Ingredients used in Anaha Balm

Only Healing Balm With 54 High Concentration Ayurvedic Herbs

How To Use Royal Indulgence Anaha Balm for Neck & Shoulder

About The Creator Of Royal Indulgence Anaha.

Dr.Manjusha S. Manneri, an Ayurvedic physician, formulator, Marma Healer & Yoga expert chose Ayurvedic medicine by passion.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she always had a deep connection with Ancient Sastras, Art & Literature. After her Bachelors in Ayurveda from NTR University of Health Sciences, she was sent to Kerala to learn Authentic Ayurveda in its true form from Guru Sri.V.Vasudevan, one of the famous gurus in the field of Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Yoga, who hails from the lineage of Kerala Ashta Vaidyan families.

With more than 880 yrs lineage of holding the science of Ayurveda, she is blessed to be selected by Sri.V.Vasudevan as his Sishya. She did Gurukula Sishyarikam under her guru’s guidance for more than 4 yrs and gathered immense knowledge in Ayurveda, The Science of Life, Unique Anti-ageing and Detoxification Techniques, Traditional Rare Medicinal and Beauty Formulations, Rejuvenation Techniques and Marma Chikits.

She is one of the very few healers all over the globe to be trained in the Ancient Marma Healing Techniques.

Don’t Take My Word For It – Here’s What Our Customers Say.:)

“Wonderful results. Very good, ointments are only like a Band-Aid. This is the real remedy.”

– Tejaswi D’Souza, 26

“Very effective. Must buy for those with frequent tight shoulders and neck pain.”

– Shilpi Mandala, 30

“Good pain reliever.Relives from pain and aches in few minutes Good substitute for pain killers. ”

– Antima Agrawal, 25

“One of the best balm I’ve used till date. No other balms can takes its place. I’m really very happy with the product.”

– Antika Parmanick, 28

“I bought this hoping to avoid popping pills at the start of my frequently occurring neck pain.”

– Aayushi, 27

“Very good remedy. Nothing has worked as well as this.”

-Karan Jai, 23




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