I’m a firm believer in Ayurveda. Being trained in yoga, traditional healing techniques and after years of practice as an ayurvedic physician, I was appalled by the huge content of chemicals in beauty products. Their lack of pure genuine ingredients later followed by side-effects after use seemed to leave women with no option but to continue using them as a part of their daily beauty routine. I wanted to come up with a formula which went beyond the usual home remedies and which was result oriented. A formula that didn’t include a load of harsh chemicals on our skin which is extremely delicate. I couldn’t let all my training and learning go waste. So I put them together to invent a solution for all skin related issues us women face.

The ancient teachings of Marma Chikitsa, Ayurveda, Rejuvenation techniques, traditonal medicinal and beauty formulations, unique anti-aging and detoxification techniques and the science of life are all ancient scientific formulae for natural beauty which have been implemented since the vedic age by women who care for physical well-being. Any present day woman undergoes skin damage of various kinds. Everyday pollution, harmful UV rays from the sun, rising particulate matter in the atmosphere, long hours facing a computer’s screen etc all contribute to skin damage. Dark spots, an adamant tan, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, black and white heads, early occurence of wrinkles are some of the regular forms of damage skin undergoes.


We cannot deny that. All of us want to look our best however we are. We cannot do anything about the appearance we were born with, but we can make it better, and we can find a way to retain our soft and supple baby skin. There is more to skin maintenance than healthy eating, working out, keeping hygiene, hydrating and moisturising. Our skin is contantly ageing and there are free radicals in our skin adding to its damage. Some of our friends have flawless skin and we simply assume it’s a result of their genes. However, genes play their role only upto a certain extent. Ayurveda preaches rejuvenation of skin using naturally occuring ingredients. A process such as this requires meticulous selection of medicinal herbs in their purest form and their diligent formulation through skillful techniques. Thus, I launched Royal Indulgence, my brainchild, in 2006. The sole purpose was to create natural, highly-potent, pure Ayurvedic Beauty and Wellness products for women.

In the Royal Indulgence community, we empower and embrace both inner and outer beauty. We inspire beautiful skin so one can be confident and never have the slightest of doubt about anything being out of their reach. Our philosophy is to inspire women to look, live and feel their best.


One need not worry about the authencity of our herbs. The first product launched, Royal Indulgence Lodhradi, is composed of three main ingredients. Lodhra is taken from the finest Lodh trees belonging to lush evergreen slopes of Manipur and Burma. The second ingredient, Dhanyaka, is handpicked from the finest coriander shrubs along the Deccan plateau. Finally we have Vacha, a tall perrenial wetland grass found in Northern Himachal Pradesh. Each of these have properties of cleansing, detoxing, healing, lightening and tightening skin.

The second product Kumkumadi, is premium grade Kashmiri Mogra Saffron. Several grades higher than the Saffron products purchased from markets or exclusive stores, Kasmiri Mogra Saffron is safe from oxidation due to poor production methods. Kumkumadi consists of 12 ‘Varniya Kara’- complexion enhancing Ayurvedic ingredients. These are Usheera, Agadhu, Laksha, Yastimadhu, Chandana, Nyagrodha, Padmam, Padma Kesara and Neelotpala, Manjishta, Indian cow milk and extra-virgin pure coconut oil. Each of these have unique properties which boost skin health giving you a lasting radiation through wholesome nutrition.