Know Your Skin


Your skin is affected by various factors- sunlight, dust, and pollution being the biggest ones. What you don’t realize is it’s not just your skin that is getting affected, your genes are too. Humans have 20,000-25,000 different genes. Genes are responsible for skin color, acne, aging and other characteristics.


We age in two ways — extrinsically and intrinsically. Extrinsic aging is caused by external factors like sun exposure, while intrinsic aging happens naturally as time passes. It is intrinsic aging that we inherit from our parents.

Through our genes, we inherit certain skin tendencies, like skin that wrinkles or sags early or late in life, acne and hyperpigmentation. But genes only make up half of the skin story. The choices we make and our lifestyle also has a huge impact on how our skin ages.


The study of genes, known as genomics, is likely to produce many exciting skincare advances in the future. Scientists are currently researching how different genes respond to different environmental factors (like sun and pollution) and how they interact with each other.


Your skin needs a saviour from everything that we talked about: Acne, wrinkles, tan, hyperpigmentation, etc.The answer is simple- keep it organic. Nature’s ingredients are the best cosmetics. Naturally occurring ingredients treat skin problems without any side-effects, something that chemical based cosmetics cannot boast of. Some of them are:

  1. Lodhra- Reduces tan, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles.
  2. Vacha- Heals inflammation and irritation, improves blood circulation.
  3. Dhanyaka- Cleans and exfoliates skin from the pores, making it lighter and brighter.
  4. Saffron- Removes free radicals, enhances the complexion.
  5. Goat milk- Exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and is an anti-aging agent.

Incorporating these herbs in your daily skincare regime will benefit your skin in a number of ways. It’s not easy to selectively pick an ingredient each day. Worry not, our products, Lodhradi and Kumkumadi, are made of these exact ingredients that promise complete skin rejuvenation.

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